Ministry Formation

Ministry Formation:

A two-year formation program for any adult Catholics who want to:

  • offer leadership in an area of ministry
  • deepen spiritual awareness
  • enhance theological knowledge
  • develop pastoral skills for a particular area of ministry

Classes meet each year from September through May on eleven Saturdays at 9am-12:30 pm. Classes include:
Faith Development, Sacraments, Prayer, Leadership Skills, Old Testament, Communications Skills, New Testament, Theology of Ministry, Apologetics, Morality, Christology, Church History, Social Justice, Evangelization, Retreat Days, Specialization Days, Theology of Church.

Most sessions involve some required reading for preparation and written reflections after the class has been completed.  Periodic meetings with a Sponsor give candidates an opportunity to fully assimilate and integrate their learning experiences. A Retreat is an important part of each year.

The overall formation process provides candidates with opportunities to grow through prayer, theological reflection, critical analysis and problem-solving, discussion and presentations by qualified adult religious educators using an Adult Model of education.

Upcoming Classes:

New Testament I – Saturday, November 16 – 9:00 am-12:30 pm – St. John Neumann Church
Introduction to the New Testament
New Testament II – Saturday, December 14 – 9:00 am-12:30 pm – St. John Neumann Church

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