Legatus is a unique organization dedicated to bringing our Catholic faith and spirituality to the field of business…
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The  Legatus Mission: To study, live and spread the Faith in our business, professional and personal lives.

Study: Ongoing educations is at the heart of Legatus. We are matching members, who have a thirst for knowledge, with the most profound and convincing body of religioius knowledge in the history of human thought.

Live: Translating the teachings of Christ and the social teacheing of the Church into practical applications helps our members become eminently pragmatic about their faith.

Spread: Legatus is the Latin word for “ambassador”. Our members don’t typically wear their faith on their shirtsleeves. They spread the faith through good example, good deeds and high ethical standards.

Each month our members enjoy the benefits of: Networking, Peer Support, Spiritual Growth and Full Spousal Membership

2020 Legatus Calendar of Events

Ten Benefits:

Professional Distinction – Over 5,000 Catholic business leaders and spouses have in common their membership in this prestigious international organization.

Support for the Magisterium of the Church – Legatus members believe in the teachings of the Catholic Church and are dedicated to supporting the Magisterium of the Church.

Monthly Date Night with Your Spouse –Husbands and wives share this special event each month which begins with confession, rosary and Mass, followed by a social, dinner and an inspiring guest speaker.

Exclusive Pilgrimages- Enjoy Legatus’ annual pilgrimage where members see Rome and other pilgrimage sites like no other pilgrims.

 Lifelong Learning – Legatus provides access to the best minds in the Church, business world and society addressing the most important topics – faith, family and business.

Summit Conferences – Legatus’ annual conference is a three-day inspirational event with a powerhouse of speakers, clergy and other attractions at top resort destinations.

Networking – With over 90 chapters you will recognize and be impressed with the many Catholic business leaders that have committed themselves to ‘study, live and spread the Catholic faith in their business and personal lives.’

Prayer – Chaplains set the tone spiritually through relevant homilies and orthodox liturgies. Confession and the rosary are available to chapter members before Mass.

Like-Minded Catholic Lay Leadership – Have you and your spouse ever wondered ‘where are the lay-leaders in the Church today?’ In Legatus, every month you meet with Catholic lay and business leaders who share your Catholic faith and values.

Forums and Retreats – Optional forums and retreats are available for members to enhance their Legatus experience.

Saint John Paul II was clear in his charge to Legatus in 1998 when he said: “The world needs genuine witnesses to Christian ethics in the field of business and the Church asks you to fulfill this role publicly, with courage and perseverance.”

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